How the police and the media distract us from what matters.

In addition to continuing to do civil rights cases, I’ve been attempting to document, analyze, and challenge the ways that the news media talks about safety, harm, and crime. So far, much of the public side of this work has happened on Twitter, although I’ve also been working with amazing journalists across the country to build more systemic interventions behind the scenes.

This is a newsletter where I’ll discuss how systemic biases lead the media and the people who consume daily news in the United States to inaccurately evaluate what threats to our safety are most significant and urgent and what responses to those threats are appropriate. What problems we see as urgent and what solutions we are told are possible have enormous consequences at a time of rising fascism, unprecedented inequality, and ecological collapse.

This newsletter has always been and will always be completely free. There is an option to subscribe for money. The money doesn’t get you access to anything additional, but that money will simply be a donation to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Civil Rights Corps, which I started in 2016 and which now has over 30 amazing people fighting against the injustices of the criminal punishment bureaucracy.

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How the police and the media distract us from what matters.


Alec Karakatsanis 

founder: Civil Rights Corps; author: Usual Cruelty