Another EXCELLENT article! I swear Alec you should really give a gift subscription to each and every member of Congress that somehow actually got read by someone in their office who deals with policy agendas and doesn’t just go directly into the email trash basket.

Your knowledge and perspective would really help educate those people who actually have the power to start to initiate reform.

Good ole Senator Tim Scott acted in bad faith the last time ANYTHING was even considered or discussed. Could you imagine if they read what you wrote and actually knew what they were negotiating about and for?

These articles make me particularly sad because I was married to a NYS Police Investigator in the Violent Crimes Unit. He was on the job 20 years. Never fired his gun, never had a complaint against him of any kind and actually had SEVERAL hand written letters from inmates thanking him for treating them, as “straight up” with respect, like men.

Can you imagine that? He didn’t tolerate misbehavior. He had a guy who had dismembered his wife in a bathtub and then scatter her body tell other Investigators that he would ONLY talk to my husband because he was non threatening. He treated people like human beings no matter what they had done. He established trust. He knew how to talk to people. He was kind but he was not naive or a pushover either.

He’s deceased now and he would be appalled at the level of police violence we see now. It’s possible to have police like my husband but entry requirements, culture of training, this warrior mentality and length of training really need to be reevaluated in my humble opinion as well as leadership culture. You screw up, you should pay for it and not be stopped because the union says politically it’ll be detrimental to your career. That attitude rolls downhill. That’s where it starts. At the top

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Great response.. Most cops never shoot their guns unless it is to qualify.

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Thank you for your work! Looking forward to reading the future newsletters. Desperately hope we can abolish these terrible systems to create a world so much safer for all.

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Thank you for your work! Changing paradigms, which is what you are doing, is hard work.

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